[Cine] Arab Cinema Online: a watch-list

Taji Farouky. The Arab British Centre [15/04/20] We are surrounded today by uncertainty, loneliness, and fear. If, like me, you turn to cinema to sooth your soul, challenge your assumptions, and open your eyes, I hope you can find something in this collection that fits your current state of mind. I’ve put together a list […]

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Aflamuna plataforma de cine árabe en abierto

Ayam Beirut [2020] Aflamuna (our films) is an initiative launched by a group of arab filmmakers and film institutions, lead by Beirut DC. During these hard times – and hopefully long after they’ve passed – we will be bringing you some of the best, most thought-provoking and independently-minded works of contemporary Arab cinema to enjoy for free on this website for a limited time. A new issue will be released every 15 days. Visitar

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