[Iniciativa] Centro MOIC. Centro de aproximaciones al medio oriente identidades y conflictos

Centro MOIC El Centro MOIC es un espacio de formación y divulgación sobre temáticas relacionadas al Medio Oriente, con especial énfasis en el desarrollo de conflictos, identidades, arte y procesos políticos contemporáneos. Este centro de estudios parte de la iniciativa de especialistas en el área que, desde distintas disciplinas como la historia, la sociología, la […]

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Identities and Conflicts in the MidEast – Research Seminar “Aula Mediterrània” 2019

IEMed [02/04/19]

This research seminar takes place on 2-3 April 2019 complementarily to the series of lectures Aula Mediterrània 2018-2019. It brings together experts and the latest research on various topics related to the Mediterranean. Some of the topics of this edition are Religion and Violent Radicalisation; Access to water: from conflict to cooperation in the Mediterranean?; Securitization of identities and regional conflicts in the Middle East. Aimed only at researchers and students of the master’s degree courses with which the IEMed organises the Aula Mediterrània series (access by invitation). Some of the sessions will be live-streamed:

· From exceptionalism to normalization: the radical transformation of the Republic of Turkey.
· The multiple faces and challenges for the education of children in post conflict in the MENA region.
· Religion and Violent Radicalisation: Challenges and Limits · Securitization of identities and regional conflicts in the Middle East.

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