[Vídeo] Parlem del Sàhara – COVID-19 als TTOO i als campaments

ACAPS Federació [17/2/21]

En les terceres jornades parlarem dels efectes de la COVID19 als camps de refugiades i als TTOO del Sàhara Occidental, amb Mina Baali activista i defensora de DH i membre de l’ISACOM,
Buhubeini Yahya, president de la Media Luna Roja Saharaui i Carlos Díaz, investigador de l’ Observatori de Drets Humans i Empreses. Veure


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Vídeo Lesbos Refugee Camp: The Crisis At The EU Border

Redfish [27/03/20] As the situation for refugees trapped on the Greek islands worsens amid the coronavirus pandemic, the right-wing is taking advantage of the situation to promote hatred against refugees. Facing inhumane treatment and an unimaginable reality, refugees in the camps fear the moment COVID-19 hits them. With no access to basic hygiene and extreme shortages in medical supplies, it will be impossible to contain the virus. redfish spoke with refugees and local residents who are fighting back against the attacks, the hatred and the inhumane treatment.


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